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Joseph C. Beaman, Sr.

Joseph started his career in law enforcement in 1964 with the Atlantic City Police Department where he would protect and serve. As the years progressed he was promoted to Detective in the Juvenile Division. His love for helping all young people and his gift for connecting with parents, led Joseph to transition into the Atlantic City Board of Education (ACBOE). While with ACBOE for over 30 years, Joseph was an elementary six grade teacher, a junior high math teacher, and later promoted to the coordinator of Title 1. As the Title 1 Coordinator, he would oversee many programs ranging from the parent engagement centers, professional school-based mentoring (PSBM), before and after school programs, Saturday school, summer school to the accelerated reader programs. Joseph has a heart for children and families as evidenced as being cited as "One of ACBOE's Best & Brightest Edu-carers." His community outreach is an impressive as his professional endeavors as he has an exhaustive list of countless struggling young people he has successfully mentored, including Dr. Adolph Brown. Joseph's understanding and compassion for all people allowed him to also have worked with the Greenidge Funeral Home in Atlantic City for over 50 years.
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