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Breast Cancer Awareness

Meghan Shanley

Best Youth Motivational Speaker for today's young girls.
Meghan Shanley, a Former Miss Virginia and Nashville Soul Recording Artist,  creates an inviting environment for girls to let their guard down and discuss the overwhelming pressures that media and society place on our young women to look a certain way and act a certain way.  She shares some of her experiences from competing on the Miss Virginia and Miss America stages to performing her music on stages across the country.  She challenges the young ladies to not only embrace their unique gifts and talents but to encourage all who are around them to do the same.  Meghan is a firm believer that allowing yourself to be vulnerable in relationships is what creates and nurtures authenticity.  So in keeping with the vulnerability theme ,  although she enters the assembly all "done up" as she would for a stage performance, Meghan eventually takes all of her makeup off in front of the girls, pulls back her hair and continues the assembly that way to show them how she is when she's not on stage.  Meghan will break down the truth of photo airbrushing and retouching so the girls can see the the images that they are bombarded with on a daily basis aren't necessarily reality, and therefore shouldn't be used as comparison as a means of gaging one's self worth.  The struggle with self esteem is a daily and life long battle that all women deal with at one time or another,  and by sharing her struggles Meghan wants to help these young girls realize that, and that by working together through the struggle we can strengthen this generation to believe in who God uniquely made them to be, not what society tells us to be.   
Some of the topics discussed include: 
- Learning to embrace your unique gifts and talents 
- Not believing everything you see or are told in the media
- Learning to view challenges as opportunities 
  • The dangers in letting your self worth be dependent on other people's reactions
Traveling From: 
Nashville, Tennessee

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