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Michael DiVicino

After a sensationalized trial in the early 90’s, in a packed LA county courtroom, Michael DiVicino, alleged enforcer for Southern California’s faction of the mob, was sentenced to serve the rest of his natural life, in a prison cell. He was only in his twenties. With his fate sealed and now locked in a 6x9 foot steel and concrete cage in Maximum Security, his new home, rather than succumb to the evils and mores of his environment Michael instead began not only to educate himself, but additionally he began to work closely with the younger inmate population who still had a chance at building and having a life, rather than serving Life in Prison. Accordingly, as the days, weeks, months, and years continued to pass, Michael, determined to turn his life around while impacting the lives of others went on to author positive and comprehensive prison programs such as “Lifers for Change/Breaking through Barriers” which would ultimately benefit whole prison populations (and no easy task in maximum security,) additionally, Michael went on to author several unique literary works geared toward at risk youth, and youth generally, such as “Dear Joey,” Dear Mom “and “Dear Pope Francis” along with others he even spearheaded a campaign in conjunction with a group of bishops in Washington DC ( on behalf of Pope Francis and the Vatican,) in a concerted effort to halt the draconian practice of sentencing youth here in the United States to Life Without the possibility of parole which Michael himself was sentenced to and serving but to Death Row before they, not yet even eighteen, had a chance to live. In 2000, ten years into Michael’s virtual death sentence he was transferred from the California Department of Corrections to the Nevada Department of Corrections on what is commonly referred to in, and throughout the department as a “Hardship” transfer; that is, one of his parents (and later both) had been diagnosed with cancer wherein said transfer would facilitate more frequent visitation with his family. Once transferred, Michael was determined to continue to make a difference both inside and outside of the prison system. Michael not only immersed himself in a number of programs previously established such as the Structured Living Program, a military based program which he quickly rose through the ranks to become said Platoon leader, then Youth Committee Chairman for the Southern Desert Correctional Centers branch of the NAACP, but he went on to Author for implementation prison programs such as “A Better Way,” The “Last Chance” program, “Point Man,” and “MSI- REACH,” an acronym for “Middle School Intervention, Reaching Early Age Children,” which Michael supporters had copyrighted. After spending nearly thirty imponderable years inside, Michael, against every odd imaginable recently made it out of prison and within the first 24 hours of his newfound, hard fight for freedom, was handed a strange device aptly named a “Smartphone.” In true form and fashion, and with the same unparalleled determination to help those who inevitably would, and will follow Michael out, Michael diligently began documenting his odyssey back into the radically different, technologically advanced so called “Free“ world in order to guide, and to potentially educate others. Michael captured many spellbinding first’s on film, including Day One of his release wherein special friends Leah and Nicole Remini, along with other lifelong friends and family members, and a camera crew, anxiously assembled at the Montclair Bus Station as a prison van transporting him from Chino state prison pulled into the bus station with cameras rolling... Michael documented his first challenging year of reintegration beginning at an LA transitional house specifically tailored for long termers such as Michael where they are taught a crash course style “how to suddenly coexist outside of the hostile and oppressive confines of prison.” Additionally, the men are taught how to cope with the long-term detrimental effects brought on by long term incarceration, PTSD, anxiety, and paranoia just to name a few. They also focus on helping to create healthy relationships with others, obtain a driver’s license, health insurance etc., many for the first time! Currently Michael is living in his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is surrounded by a large and loving family including Michael’s one and only son Giuseppe (or simply Joey) who up until now, Michael has never had a personal relationship with. Giuseepe was conceived behind the prison wall! Finally, Michael has begun laying the improbable ground work for to go back inside the very places that nearly destroyed him, both the adult and juvenile facilities, in order to spread a message of hope and redemption, only now as a Free Man.
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