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Terry Morawski

Terry Morawski’s work experience has focused in the areas of Communication, Public Relations and Journalism. He hold’s a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington and will soon earn a Masters in Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. Most recently, he has spoken about technology and communication in Seattle, Dallas, Austin and Houston. His writing has been published in the Dallas Morning News, Texas School Business and other publications.

He has worked on several writing projects with Dr. Adolph Brown, and is currently writing a book with a business partner about social media. He is the author of two blogs and participated in a variety of other social media. Terry grew up in East Texas, and currently lives in the Dallas/Forth Worth area. He is the loving father of two boys and husband of Courtney, an accomplished entrepreneur and wonderful mother. In his spare time, he enjoys running, writing fiction and playing guitar.  As a Social Media speaker and one of the best network speakers, Terry leaves audiences wanting more.


  • The Social Media Revolution. Why are young people so attracted to social media? There are several social and psychological answers to this question. Morawski will share with you what motivates young people to live online.
  • Social Networking for Business. LinkedIn, Facebook and other applications are just for teenagers, right? Wrong. Learn how these tools can help you in your business.
  • Blogging 101. How blogging can help your business.
  • Blogging 201. So, you know what blogging is. Maybe regularly read blogs. Maybe you’ve even attempted to write one. How can this powerful tool help you and your business or non-profit organization?
  • Social Media 101. Have you heard of social media, but aren’t sure what it is? Do you want to learn about the applications that are currently used by the most people? This informative session is a primer about these new tools from the ground up.
  • Twitter and Micro-blogging. What is Twitter and why should I be interested as a business or community leader? Learn how organizations like Dell, CNN, school districts and churches are using Twitter to engage their audiences. Communication, Public Relations and Journalism Traveling from: Mansfield, Texas
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