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Breast Cancer Awareness

Debra Keyes, M.A., R.D.

Debra L. Keyes – Awareness Builds Clarity is one of her mottos in life. Debra is a former Director of public and private nonprofit and government entities. Her career focused primarily on her passion for serving and nurturing women, children and families. Debra has a Master’s degree in nutrition, as well as being a registered and licensed dietitian. She worked in Los Angeles, California, with LA Bio Med WIC Program and as the WIC Program Director for the Watts Healthcare Corporation (WHCC), Community Health Center. Additionally, Debra served as the Georgia Department of Public Health WIC Program State Director, responsible for providing the overall vision, leadership and strategic direction of the statewide program. While there she facilitated a positive transformation of the Georgia WIC Program. She has been successful in orchestrating major program changes and enhancements throughout her entire career. Debra retired after more than 40 years in the public health and human services field, and is now fulfilling and living her dream of owning her own business. She is currently the Chief Consultant and owner of DKeyingredient Consultants LLC. She is a certified personal life and business coach and is a spiritual life coach as well. She is a consultant to various businesses and organizations in employee development, customer service and leadership building skills. She progressed from direct patient care to key leadership positions in senior level management. Furthermore, she has an extensive background in operating programs specific to women’s emotional, physical and mental health, emphasing positive health strategies throughout the life cycle. Among the many aspects of the business world, her main focus and passion is in her work as a coach, trainer, facilitator, presenter and nurturer. Debra is an Inspirational Speaker; one whose mission is to inspire and urge one to live their best life. Her expertise and knowledge base come directly from her years of education, work experience and most impactful, from her personal life story. She has learned to find her “Blessings in Disguise”, through her life’s journey. Debra believes we all have a story to tell. Debra has a variety of workshops that focus on the day-to day choices, actions, thoughts, words and experiences that are responsible for where you are today and where you’ll be tomorrow. She inspires you to look at how your faith, beliefs and truths are a reflection of your current situations in relationships, careers, finances, health status and overall well-being. Workshops will dive deep into your current state of consciousness and will set in motion your personal and spiritual journey. Debra provides memorable techniques and tools to conquer fears, barriers and blocks that “appears” to interfere with your intentions, growth and goals. She will take you on a Journey into knowing thyself. Debra is a “REAL TALK”, presenter who brings joy and fun but also will expose the light and the hard to hear truths. You will be inspired to “BE THE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE - BE AWARE, BE CLEAR, BE TRANSFORMED”.
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Atlanta, GA

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