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Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. Marv Pichla

Whether the opportunity is conducting a workshop entitled “A Fireside Chat on Public Sector Innovation” or delivering a Keynote address on Infused Leadership or the importance of Telling Your Life-Career Story, Dr. Marv Pichla builds critical learning moments into each as take-homes for YOUR tomorrow. In his 30 year career directing unique workforce, business, education and community development initiatives, Dr. Pichla’s motto has remained “There Is Always A Better Way!” Likewise change has never been a challenge for Marv…rather change serves as his constant professional way of life. Dr. Pichla is also a firm believer that today we live in a “SHOW ME WORLD!” This means that he supports real-life, example-based learning as the most helpful and creative means of continuous improvement for everyone. In 2005, Marv even started his own Inspiring Innovations, Inc. private consulting business to extend his commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. As a result he has traveled the U.S. encouraging innovativity at every stop.
Traveling From: 
Flint, Michigan

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