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Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. Ronnie Rice

Attorney Dr. Ronnie Rice is a native of Prichard, Alabama. Atty. Dr. Rice's beginning did not determine his ending. As a result of growing up in poverty within a single parent household with four siblings, Atty. Dr. Rice became passionate about helping others. He wanted to serve others because others often helped him. Atty. Dr. Rice earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Morehouse College; a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Human Resources Development from Regent University; as well as an Juris Doctorate of Law from Miles School of Law. He is a practicing attorney. Now as a servant leader, Atty. Dr. Rice inspires and educates ALL youth students and adults alike in the fields of human resource development, leadership, law, organizational development, and business development. Atty. Dr. Rice is more than a youth motivational speaker, he is a role model. Black and brown boys love his inspiring talks. Atty. Dr. Rice works as an attorney with Alexander Shunnarah & Associates in Birmingham, Alabama. His roles include overseeing corporate social responsibility, governmental relations, and business development.
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