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Gary J. Hunter

Gary Hunter is legendary for his hard work. When first starting out as a fledgling entrepreneur, he experienced numerous failures that come on the journey to success. As a great entrepreneur, Gary not only started businesses, he would sometimes see the potential in an underdeveloped company and buy it to develop it. He has also been a world-class salesman, business coach, and business strategist and mentor to many.

Today, as a Credit Analyst, Gary performs Credit Analysis or helps others evaluate their application for loan or debt issues in order to determine the likelihood that the borrower will live up to his/her obligations. Of utmost importance, Gary examines one's financial history in order to determine Creditworthiness. He believes that it is critical to arm our young with this information early on as to increase their financial freedom later in life.

Gary now devotes the majority of his time and efforts to the success of young people in the areas of financial success with focus on the Credit Crisis, Credit Crunch, and Credit Confusion suffered by the younger generation. He tours the college/university, high school and corporate circuit spreading his strategies and promoting his book titled Raising Response-Able Young People In A Not So Responsible Economy. His nationally acclaimed book has received rave reviews as a great resource for young people, educators, and parents alike and has proven to be beneficial for both adult and youth audiences.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

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