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Gregory W. Pierce, M.D.

Building health - Building Wellness
Building health - Building Wellness
Building health - Building Wellness

Have you ever wanted to hear a doctor who speaks “your” language? Have you ever left a doctor’s office more confused than when you want in? Have you ever hesitated to ask your doctor a question because you didn’t want the doctor to think that your question was “dumb” or that you were “uneducated”? Did you ever think that the doctor didn’t understand what your concerns were or didn’t tell you what you really wanted to know? Have you ever felt that the advice that you received from your doctor wasn’t quite right for you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Gregory W. Pierce, M.D. is the speaker. Drawing on his strong communication skills and over 25 years of practice experience as a Family Physician, Dr. Pierce specializes in discussing common and not-so-common topics relating to health and wellness in a unique and easily understood way that allows his audiences to see their health and wellness in an entirely new way.

Described by this audiences as “down to earth” and an “engaging speaker”, Dr. Pierce leaves his audiences feeling “educated”, not “frustrated”. Presentations are tailor made for the expected audience.

Dr. Pierce’s philosophy is that “there is always more to learn” and he is always looking for more to teach. Because of this philosophy, his presentations are always updated with the lasts in medical and scientific information, and always tempered by practicality, common sense and humor. Dr. Pierce enjoys speaking to large and small groups both locally and nationally.

In addition to public speaking, Dr. Pierce offers Personal Wellness Consultations. Based on his book Building Health – Building Wellness, Dr. Pierce will guide you through a personalized review of factors that affect health and wellness and help you to design your own formula to “turn your stumbling blocks into building blocks”.™ 

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Isle of Wight County, Virginia

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