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Javier Trejo

At first look, Javier seems a typical smart, athletic, and well-mannered young technology guru of a very large Texas school district. He offers smiles to everyone he meets. But lying beneath that friendly and cheerful exterior lays the brain of a mental giant. A child born of Mexican parents, his parents were not afforded the luxury of a college education or exposure to advances of technology. However, that did not stop them from pushing Javier to achieve his dreams of obtaining a degree in Computer System Management while being a successful basketball player. Beyond Javier's academic and technology excellence, he is a giving soul. Javier looks forward to sharing his journey of escaping violence and corruption with hopes of increased economic and educational opportunities. His story highlights the many challenges he faced upon arriving to the United States as a non-English speaking teenager in America - language barriers, lack of access to health insurance, discrimination, and exploitation. He shares life as a Mexican teenager in public education in America with all the inherent social problems of bullying, disconnection, frustration, and frequent confusion. Now as a bilingual speaker, consultant and trainer on subjects of Anti-Bullying, Responsible Digital Citizenship, Reaching Your Goals, he shares how success can be achieved in the most unusual ways for all young people and adults, especially those with Mexican, Hispanic and Latino heritage. Javier will share how hard work, drive, and determination will work for anyone as it has worked for him and countless others.
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Harlingen, Texas

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