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Breast Cancer Awareness

John Reyna

Once hesitant about sharing his life story with others, John has now found his voice to share the valuable lessons he's learned in life. He genuinely discloses the road from his tumultuous childhood to the inspiring man he is today. John was adopted shortly after birth, knew neither of his parents (a reality he continues to live to this day) abused (emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually) by his adoptive mother and the men in and out of her life, and lost the only father-figure he had at the age of 15 to a brutal double murder. John illustrates that, while self-esteem and self-image are created on the inside, a man's character is reflected by the way he presents himself on the outside. John takes all on his triumphant journey to manhood and fatherhood. Today, John lives a life as a man of grace and purpose as a father of six (2 biological children and 4 he has reared as his own since their birth).
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Saginaw, Michigan

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