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Breast Cancer Awareness

Ken Fowler

Ken's approach widely known as 'instinct-tuning' and his hard-hitting style earned him the name the "Mental Mechanic." He puts you on notice that there's no room for excuses in your life! More importantly, you'll learn why as you and Ken work collaboratively to "tune-up" your mind to drive your success. He firmly believes the opposing team sometimes includes yourself. This is why he focuses on the "inner-me" and not the enemy. To level the playing field, he paints vivid pictures to show and share experiences from his life and the very best ideas and examples from the lives of others. Also, you'll benefit from his assertive, lion-hearted pursuit of success combined with a relentless commitment to learning and doing everything needed to reach that success. So, team up with this dynamic entrepreneur, author and life-loving coach and build your very best version of success! Ken played major college football and degreed in Information Systems and Business Management at the University of Cincinnati. His deep affection for the helping people and businesses is only overshadowed by his love for God, his family and his personal health and growth.
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Dayton, Ohio

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