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Breast Cancer Awareness

Lilly B. Irvin-Vitela, MCRP

Lilly Irvin-Vitela, MCRP is the President and Lead Consultant at Common Worth, LLC. She has academic training as a community and regional planner with an emphasis on community development and popular empowerment education. She has significant professional experience in mobilizing communities, organizational development, conflict resolution, continuous quality improvement, reflective practice, boundaries and ethics, promoting cultural competence, strategic planning, and child and family advocacy. She has written numerous curriculum and train-the-trainer resources on quality improvement, leadership development, cultural competence, and family engagement. She has provided leadership coaching to executives and front-line staff in health and human service settings, non-profits, and children and family serving organizations to support professional development and organizational development in a manner that is both culturally responsive and respectful of the unique needs of adult learners. Irvin-Vitela has over 20 years of experience working in and for public and private community-based and state level organizations as a front-line service provider and executive. Irvin-Vitela has insight into how to successfully address implementation barriers to optimize resources for program participants in a way that is participant-centered, transformational, and affirming to professionals and participants in services alike.
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