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Teri Tucker

Teri Tucker is an educator with a heart for kids. As a former student-athlete and college 2 time Mid American Conference champion, she knows how to win and help students do the same. Her experience is as vast as her heart. She excels at coaching on the field and inside the classroom with the highest achievers to the highest risk young people. Teri has been a Coordinator of Freshman Transition Program, Athletic Director, and an AVID Core Teacher. Teri has a heart that connects and a message that sticks. She promotes differentiated instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students, and encourage the concept of GRIT to set goals and work to achieve them. In order to push all students to be gritty, Teri works to establish positive relationships and a culture of trust. Terri is a highly sought after alternative education speaker, and one of the most impactful at-risk youth speakers.
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Chesapeake, VA

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